A Half Day in Lansing and Bob Baker’s Recipe

6 Aug


Aside–my parents used to cheat on the cooking by boiling the chicken and then putting it on the grill.  It helps a lot if you’re working with a big chicken.

At 10:30 am Mom and I drove over to Lansing for some Bob Baker barbecued chicken to support the Woodsedge nursing home and their Bob Baker Memorial Garden.  I grew up on this recipe, as did most Ithaca-Lansing-Dryden  residents.  In fact, I would think a local organization would get in trouble if they used any other chicken recipe for a fundraiser.  This is an example of one of the many things different between the Minneapolis and Ithaca cultures.  In Minneapolis, people tended to barbecue beef ribs and they slow-cooked them.  Believe me, there is nothing better than the smell of slow-cooked beef ribs.

However, barbecued chicken cooked Cornell-style tastes as good as Minneapolis beef ribs.  Bob Baker was a Poultry Science professor at Cornell when he came up with his famous recipe, which you will see if you look at the above link.  We share a couple of things: one is many visits to the Mapes cottage and another is an admiration for my mother’s writing.  That means that at one point in time we shared the same outhouse and that Mom and Mr. Baker co-wrote an article on food waste.  One of the Baker granddaughters organized a graduation party with my oldest niece Gwynne and Gwynne’s friend Melissa at Baker’s Acres, a farm way out in Lansing, so there are many points of contact.

We also checked out the new general store that is located in the same strip mall as the probably-soon-to-be-dismissed Lansing post office (in my mother’s way of thinking.)  The store is run by the family on Scofield Road that raises alpacas.  Meghan and I visited there on a niece-aunt outing several years ago.  Today at the store I bought some soap for Rebecca  called “Vixen” and a  card with a dilapidated schoolhouse that for some reason said “Rebecca” to me.  I also munched on some free granola and thought of my sister-in-law.

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