Summer Sonnet

19 Aug

I wrote this Italian sonnet about the current experience of swimming in Cayuga Lake.  I think it still needs a bit of work.

Summer Sonnet– Way Below Cayuga’s Waters



Stepping into the lake in summer’s heat,

I noted the broken zebra mussels–

That crunched and pierced my tender feet

And made them serve as human pestles.

As I swam my breaststroke in the gentle wake,

I watched the ducks dip their heads in water clear

Farm runoff with its phosphorus, will make

Treatment centers use chlorine in order to abide

With the laws and result in CBPs.”

Rainbow and brown trout are found in good supply.

I swim and dive with these invasive species–

Native lake trout cannot reproduce so quickly.

The finger lake that I have known and loved

Has been supplanted –this I cannot think of.

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