Fall Creek October 10, 2011, Ithaca Falls

11 Oct

Part of Fall Creek

The Devonian shale rises high above the crick like an unbalanced and many-layered wedding cake about to tip over.  In various nooks and crannies up and down the cliff, small trees scrabble to catch hold of the rocky soil.  Two large tree roots hang from a shelf of rock; they look like large nooses.  A blue heron flies gracefully from a tall tree, across the crick, and up alongside the waterfall.  In the city, the temperature is mid-seventies and warm, but here near the falls, the air is somehow cleaner and sharper with the cool, mist chill of a cavern.  On the left of the falls, a mini falls mimics the big falls, but seems to be falling more slowly, more timidly. 

The rapids are enticing and make one want to move up closer.  Earlier this spring, an overeager student who had just graduated from Cornell the day before, met his death in the whirlpool beneath the falls.  Green moss clings to the shelf of rock under the falls that sticks out the furthest.  The air is wet, as are the smooth shelves of rock one has to stand on to get a full view, giving a clear indication how treacherous an area the other viewers and I are in.

4 Responses to “Fall Creek October 10, 2011, Ithaca Falls”

  1. Tom Judge October 11, 2011 at 4:14 am #

    I enjoyed the picture of the falls. I have encountered many falls on my trips to the North Shore, here in Minnesota, these past few months. I go up from Minneapolis and am very sad when I must return. Something keeps telling me that I must leave the Twin Cities. I am starting a new combination of drugs for my Hepetitus C in about a month. I’m not planning to run from this treatment, but something seems strange. Like I’m preparing for another adventure. We’ll see. Bye for now. I enjoy your writing. I think that’s why I signed into this…so that I might write something. That would be alright, wouldn’t it?

    • I’m sorry to hear that you have Hepatitas C. Somehow I missed that. That would be fine if you wrote something. The area I live in is known for its falls. I wish I’d spent more time at the North Shore than I did.

  2. claireaperez October 14, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    a lovely description

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