Bob’s Lake and Elephant Snot

12 Jul


The photographer identifies this as Hairy Algae. I know what I saw was Elephant Snot Algae, but I neglected to take a picture, something I will have to remedy. Her picture is as close as I can come to what I saw.

Usually when I come back from Bob’s Lake I have an amusing anecdote to relate or some beautiful pictures of nature at its finest. Not so this time. When I was there just recently, the only spectacular view I saw was of a blue heron in flight, and I was skinny dipping, which I don’t do with my glasses on, so the heron was pretty blurry.

Let me count the ways in which I was unable to worship at Nature’s feet:

1) I did not see a shaggy black bear wending his way across the road.

2) I did not see a possum hanging from the tree.

3) I did not see a beautiful sunset. We had mostly very gloomy weather.

4) I did not see an unusual number of beautiful wild flowers. It was past the season for them.

What I did see was gloopy green and yellow algae. There were pussy-looking bubbles on the surface and hairy tendrils extending about 8 inches down into the water. Two small sections of it were at the side of our cottage. Another very large section, 10′ by 10′ was next to our bridge as we drove out. One of the Lackeys, the family whose farm we drive through, told us the paper had called on lake dwellers to report instances of algae. I dutifully called the Ministry of the Environment and reported the algae. Sara, as she gave me her name, told me that they would go check it out. We had to have the small bridge ( 8′) rebuilt several years ago, according to the Ministry’s specifications, so that fish could breed there, and I don’t think the clustered algae will help.

July 13, 2013–Sara from the Ministry of the Environment did call back after examining said Elephant Snot Algae. She didn’t get the right address, but she was close enough. According to Sara, Elephant Snot Algae occurs regularly in nature and is not the result of agricultural runoff. It won’t affect the fish or people swimming near it. But it sure is gross!

2 Responses to “Bob’s Lake and Elephant Snot”

  1. claireaperez July 13, 2013 at 11:54 pm #

    Bummer…we have something wicked like this growing in our pond!

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