Bob’s Lake Property from the Bridge

18 Jul


If you look at the middle center and right-hand side of the second picture, you’ll see the Elephant Snot Algae (also called filamentous algae) that I talked about in my last post. The picture was taken from the point of view of the bridge that connects our cottage property on Bob’s Lake in Long Bay with that of the Lackey farm. The cedar and maple trees that hang over the lake on the left-hand side are our trees. On the right–hand side, which is part of their property, the maple and cedar trees are complemented by birches. This where the Lackeys meet the Mapes.
I am not Canadian, but I feel as though this land and water define who I am. Indeed, my brother and I named the island Bullfrog Island when we were little because of the sonorous green amphibians who lived there. We felt as if this spot belonged to us and that we had naming rights, despite the fact that an older farmer by the last name of Warren owned it at the time. He and his wife only came down to fish in the bay occasionally, making it easier for us to think of it as ours. When they died, the property was turned over to Jim Lackey, a nephew, and the family started to use the land more. It was harder to maintain the fantasy bullfrog kingdom, both in terms of ownership and in terms of our imagination. My brother had loved frogs, especially bullfrogs, but he graduated from frogs and became a serious fisherman, leaving the pursuit to his four daughters, especially Rebecca.
I am not a dedicated fisherman, but this spot was my one fishing spot, a good place to catch bass from the bank, if one didn’t get one’s line entangled in the rocks along the bottom, and a place where we often caught bullheads from the boat. The first time Mom and I traveled to Bob’s Lake this summer, we ran into the caretaker, Kevin, who was fishing from my favorite place. It seems the two families are united in the idea that this outlook on the bay is a pivotal one.
This view the and one behind it –the sight from the bridge onto the swamp–is part of the dreamscape of my mind. It was looking at the latticework of the trees and looking the other way at the swamp and its most elegant occupant, the blue heron, on its majestic travels in and out, that I felt affirmed in the understanding that I might be a successful writer.

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