Lansing’s Doug Baird Holds a Reception for His Ithaca Art Show–August 2, 2013

4 Aug

My blog is entitled ithacalansing and with this post I managed to snag both localities. Doug Baird, from my Lansing Writers’ Group, is from Lansing, and the reception for his month-long show took place in Ithaca at the Capstone Gallery in Center Ithaca. He works with a combination of photography and pencil sketches, starting with a photo, of which he makes a pencil sketch, and then layering several times over the sketch. His studio is part of the austere all-white house where he lives with his mother. It is very much an artist’s house, with a simple Frank-Lloyd-Wrightish simplicity. Somewhat disconcertingly, it is located next to a factory farm. His house and the factory farm seem to be making very different statements about how to use time and space, and I think Doug is very conscious of that. His art tends to emphasize the natural world.

Several of the members of the group came to the show and the videos reflect that. Unfortunately, the videos also reflect that I am somewhat of a novice in the video department but they do manage to show all of his paintings.

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