Turning Sixty (The Soul)

10 Oct



I feel the closest to God when I’m running at Cornell Plantations, not during the first wind, but during the second, third, and fourth wind and when I’m at Bob’s Lake, especially when I’m looking at the cedar trees near our family Mapesville gate. The picture is of the Floriculture War Memorial Trail at the Plantations. I like looking at the path before I follow it into the forest, partly because it could be any path. When I’m running I sense that I’m part of some universal OM like that experienced by those in Transcendental Meditation, following the path of the unexpected that everyone has to follow to establish his or her authenticity. I do have to admit that when I was running/walking today my serenity was disrupted a bit by a group of people on an SPCA walk. Dodging poop and slow walkers does tend to stem one’s feelings…

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