Jill, Scott, and Kathy at Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota

14 Oct

href=”https://ithacalansing.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/jill-scott-and-kathy.jpg”>Jill, Scott, and Kathy

One October weekend in the eighties I went to Cragun’s on Gull Lake with Jill Henry and Scott Hanson, when they were still a couple. I insisted on taking my new red Skyhawk because it was the newest car of the three, but the timing chain broke, and we spent quite a bit of time at the local mall while it was being fixed. Jill was crabby about that because she had wanted to bring her car, and I was embarrassed, but Scott has always thrived on bad situations. The first time I met his mother she told me that he had a reputation in the family for loving to be the first to bear bad news. Probably for that reason, he has always loved telling this story. At the mall I did buy a warm, grey flannel nightgown with a pink horse head running down one sleeve, which I wore for many years after. It made Scott and Jill laugh. In general,however,the mood was somewhat of a down one.

Trivial Pursuit was very popular at the time and Scott and I had become good at it. We often stayed up till midnight at the local Perkins in Richfield, Minnesota eating hamburgers with fries and BBQ sauce and drinking pop. Jill sometimes played with us. She always aced us on the science-related questions. It was freezing cold in Brainerd, even in our cabin, so we didn’t want to spend too much time outside. Scott had brought the board with him, planning on a marathon of answering various trivial questions, something he has always been good at. Wouldn’t you know that Scott or I won the first match! Luckily, Jill won the next game. She always beats me when playing Words with Friends, but I guess I was more of a threat back then.

I can’t remember when the trip to the store for snacks took place, but Scott and I became lost on the way back partly due to the fact that dusk had fallen. Every curve of the road and every tree looked like every other curve and every other tree. We had a reputation for getting lost, so Jill was not surprised when we arrived, but she was fit to be tied with us because she was so hungry. Of course, knowing Scott we came back with quite a bit of junk food, cheese puffs being a favorite at the time.

After eating we built a fire. Naturally it was quite warm near the fire, but not anywhere else in the cabin, which is the way fires work. We stayed close to the fire because we were freezing–freezing but happy. Next came some events that we will simply relate as . . .

It is hard to be a threesome, when two of the three are a couple. After they went to bed, I sat up watching Hitchcock’s “Rebecca,” which is a pretty scary movie to watch by yourself.

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In “Rebecca,” Joan Fontaine’s character marries Lawrence Oliver’s character and is haunted by the ghost of his first wife and the house mistress, played by Judith Anderson. I don’t know why it’s so much scarier to see a beautiful blonde menaced, but it’s more suspenseful for me to see Joan Fontaine or Grace Kelly terrified than to see someone merely attractive in the same situation. As Alfred Hitchcock said,“Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.” At the end of the movie, Manderly goes up in flames along with Judith Anderson’s character. I guess you could say that Scott was with his blonde and I was with mine.

2 Responses to “Jill, Scott, and Kathy at Cragun’s Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota”

  1. claireaperez October 15, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

    Interesting summary about the blondes…I really enjoy suspenseful films:-)

  2. It was a pretty crazy weekend. I left a few things out. Kathryn

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