Black-eyed Susans–from Early Diary

21 Oct

Black-eyed Susans 1

The artwork in the picture of my journal is that of Gwen Frostic, a Michigan artist.

Written in earlier teens in journal, anywhere from 5th grade to 7th.

The world is beautiful and so are the people–even the ones that don’t like me. People, including me, take for granted the radiant sunshine and the bright yellow of black-eyed Susans. There were some real pretty ones I picked once across the road from Gramp’s [Monticello, New York farm]. It must have been a blueberry-picking day. So many experiences are fun and enjoyable. A peanut-butter and pickle sandwich is fun to sink your teeth into. A pink mini-slip is conducive to giggles and highly enjoyable. Wouldn’t it be kooky to make a cake big enough to feed the world? If everybody was munching, there wouldn’t be so much grumbling.

At first this journal entry was embarrassing to read because it is so sentimental, but I often wish I could go back to the earlier me. I was less jaundiced and I felt that I had so many possibilities before me. I also managed to get a cake in the piece–typical Mapes, always going for the stomach.

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