“The Woman with a Blue House”

1 Dec

“The Woman with a Blue House”– I was inspired by Wallace Stevens’ poem, “Man with a Blue Guitar,” who was in turn inspired by Picasso’s painting of the same name.

In  Stevens’ color scheme, blue symbolizes the imagination and green symbolizes reality.

https://ithacalansing.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=293&action=edit  This is a prose piece about the blue house.


The woman bent over her garden,

A tiller of sorts.  The grass was green.


They said, “You have a blue house,

You do not write things as they seem.”


She replied, “Things as they seem

Are changed inside the blue house.”


And they said to her, “But write you must,

A story of imagination, yet one about you,


A story inside the blue house

Of your life precisely as it is.


When she arrived inside the house,

She strived to make it hers.


She peeled the wallpaper back to see–

The evidence of families who formerly–


Had loved and fought and covered the walls,

And laughed and sung and painted the halls.


The woman looked for a pattern,

In the paper green and scraped it


To see what it might mean.  But she

Saw it in a blue that suffused her being.


Her renters lived on the upper floor.

Their lives and stories became her lore.


Rachel was pregnant, with a boyfriend who hit;

Chrissy had a six-year-old, who fought and kicked.


Then there were the guys–Terry and Tim.

Zach and Infie–they filled her to the brim.


Pentecostals, Buddhists, even a Wiccan.

That was Jenna, each one to his/her Zen.


They all became a part of her;

Each one bespoke an allure.


The cat looked over his domain,

Portending harm to those who sought his bane.


Small, grey and sleek, he stalked the grass,

Daring and then refusing to let all pass.


He hid in the hydrangeas tall,

But threw his fur, when he felt the call.


So that’s life then: things as they seem?

The tenants, the house, the cat: such as we dream?


They asked the woman, “What can this mean?”

She said, “The grass is green, the cat is grey, and I am blue.”

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