Traveling with Meghan to Trumansburg

8 Dec

Meghan at Trumansburg Conservatory

Meghan at the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts

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Kathy at Trumansburg Conservatory

Truman Conservatory Craft Show-2

Trumansburg Conservatory

My horoscope for yesterday said I would be going on a day trip with a neighbor, and while my niece Meghan is not exactly a neighbor, she is my only niece still living in Ithaca, and we did go on a half-day trip to Trumansburg Conservatory.  Tara Finlay, my ex-masseuse, was supposed to be selling jewelry, and I figured I could buy Meghan a pair of earrings.

To get to Trumanburg, one takes Route 96, a road I have traveled often in my life, but usually when I was going to the hospital or on a long trip.  I rarely stop at Trumansburg.  Actually I might not have stopped right away yesterday, because Mapquest did not quite do the trick.  Thankfully Meghan was able to pull out her smart phone and access her GPS, because we had to turn around and go in a circle.

Trumansburg is known for having some of the most beautiful houses in the area, and, as we made the circle, we were able to observe quite a few of them, including two yellow Victorians with widow walks on the top.  According to Wikipedia, the name Trumansburg, comes from the first settler,  Abner Tremain, Treman or Truman, according to which member of the family was spelling it.  It was deeded to him for his service in the Revolutionary War.  He became the founder of Tompkins County Trust, now the largest bank in the area.   Led Zeppelin fans will be interested to know that Robert Moog invented the synthesizer of that name while a resident here in the sixties, as well as the Theremin, the piece of equipment that Jimmy Page used in “Dazed and Confused” and on his vinyl release several years ago, “Lucifer Rising,” a recording made back in the days when the band was still together.

Once inside the building, we encountered a display of wood ornaments and I bought Meghan a wooden cat with a hanger, a fairly predictable purchase since she loves cats so much.  Then we moved on to Tara’s table, where we each bought earrings for one another.

Tara Finlay

Tara is not only adding jewelry maker to the list of things she does, but is also training to become a wellness advisor.  Some of her friends showed up and we moved on.

We walked through several other displays of jewelry, switch plates, and polished agates and then climbed up the stage for a snack of brownies and coffee.  Meghan chose to tarry at the picnic table, where we listened to a local group of musicians play festive Christmas music.  It was there that Meghan told me that she planned to join Youth with a Mission, a Christian organization.  She will leave early in January for Colorado Springs, where she will train for several months and live in a communal hotel.  From there she will go on to Africa, India, any one of a number of places far from home.  She has been studying at TC3 and working at a local gift shop, where she also babysits for the owner, making me think she was all settled in.  However, she feels as though she’s not accomplishing enough.

As we drove back through Trumansburg, Meghan told me that we would have to come back and eat at the New York Pizzeria.  She reminded me that she had at one point dated a guy who went to school in the town, and that Trumansburg is a smaller version of Lansing where she grew up, with its own school system, not just a community to pass through when traveling across the country.  Once we had slipped Trumansburg’s bonds, we settled in for a drive down the hill into Ithaca.  Closer to home, she pointed out a stone house with red shutters that she likes particularly.  I found myself hoping that the mention of the pizza and the house were signs of her wanting to come back.

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  1. DH December 8, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    Roots, baby.

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