My Virtual and Virtuous Grandfather

25 Jan

I found some technical errors, which is part of the reason I am sending my post out once more.


Grandpa Mapes

Picture of John P. Mapes, my paternal grandfather

Picture of John P. Mapes in a buggy. I don’t think this was a handsleigh.

Grandpa in a Buggy

Grandpa's work horses

Grandpa’s work horses

Christmas at the Old House

Christmas at the Old House. I’m next to my grandfather.

Barth and Kathy at the Old House

Barth and I at the Old House.

Late at night I sometimes find myself searching the Net for my grandfather. I also play Words with Friends on Facebook, check my two emails for new messages, and work on my writing–both my blog and my short story cycle. I tell you this in part so you understand that I am a “normal” user of technology, not some weird person who has an obsession with her grandfather. One time I inserted his name and I came up with the Agricultural Bulletin for December 1918 that included the official list for the Sullivan County Pomona Grange with him as secretary. The Grange was a farmers’ organization and…

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