Memories of Lakewood and Lake Erie

15 Jun

Sometimes I think I’ve sent out a post at a bad time, so I’m reblogging this one on my mother.


Mom at Clifton Beach

Mom at Clifton Beach, Lake Erie

Horace Man

Horace Mann in Lakewood, where my Grandfather Clark was a junior high principal for 41 years. It’s now an elementary school.

“And there was the time when Johnny Stewart’s sister and her friend were walking alongside the railroad tracks. Coming toward them was a train with its horn blowing loudly. What they didn’t realize was that another train was coming up behind them and that the engineer of that train was also blowing his horn frantically. The friend was hit from behind because she was the one who was walking close to the tracks. Johnny Stewart died in Germany. He was trained in the Army Air Corp, but was switched to the infantry and ended up on the front line. Kin Shogrin was also yanked out of the Air Corp and placed on the front lines, but he survived, despite his frozen feet, and…

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