The Owl

12 Sep

2014-Picture of Sunset over the Notch

Bob’s Lake–Sunset at the Notch

The Owl


The owl screeches like a cat in the night–

my nieces ascend the path dismayed.


Is it the brown and white owl I saw on my walk?

Or some ethereal creature come to haunt my psyche?


He dropped a feather near the wooden gate.

I placed it on the bureau by the door.

Perhaps he came to take it back —

I do not know if I disturbed his sense of self.


He could be giving me a message clear

that I should stay away from him or fear

that he will hurt the ones whom I hold dear.


Or maybe I feel threatened in my heart,

by emotions of my own that make me start

to see the owl as cold and unforgiving.

to wonder if I will break apart.



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