Food Memories from Italy and Switzerland

27 Aug

I’ve added quite a bit to this post, so I’ve decided to reblog it.


This European trip was organized to celebrate Mom’s 90th  Birthday.  The code words for the trip were “Coleman’s hungry.”  The girls have discovered that if they exclaim over the hunger of my new nephew-in-law they get to eat sooner, because Rhonda, my sister-in-law, is always worried about whether he has had enough to eat. When I was growing up, our favorite restaurant in New York City was LaScala, a restaurant that served northern Italian food, so we had some preparation for what we were to encounter in Milan.

Coleman, Mom, and Anna in Berne.jpg

Coleman, Mom, and Anna in Bern

Aug.2– Osmate, Italy, Osteria-Jerry’s


This dish is risotto, a northern Italian food.  It’s made from rice, butter, and onion.  It was presented in a wheel of cheese. I’m not sure how one person would make it through a wheel. We were at our first restaurant in Osmate. I took this picture at a stranger’s table and he laughed. …

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